OTOFIX TireGO 608 TPMS Programming Tool

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  •  Get faster & smarter TPMS repair! The powerful Otofix TireGO 608 tpms relearn tool serves 99% of cars worldwide and integrates everything you need: activate all-known OE sensors, program MX sensors, and provide on-tool relearn procedures. With it, you WON'T spend a fortune at dealerships/tire shops just for replacing faulty sensors, or use a whole box of OE-specific TPMS scan tools to scan types of tires. Great value for DIYers with multiple cars, and mechanics in small workshops.


  • With this tire pressure sensor relearn tool, you can program MX-sensor (315/433MHz) in minutes, even in batches (up to 16 sensors) saving you a lot of time. 3 programming options: 1) Copy by Activation: activate the damaged sensor and get its ID then program; 2) Copy by Manual Input: manually write old ID into a new MX sensor; 3) Auto Create 1-16: create sensors ID(s) and then program. 98% of the OEM sensor’s data is colorable. NOTE that it can only program MX-sensor.


  • You can quickly get the right path to relearn universal OEM sensors after air pressure adjustment, tire or sensor replacement. This OTOFIX TireGO 608 TPMS relearn reset tool has the built-in relearn instruction for Automatic Relearn & Stationary Relearn. The instruction is simplified for easier operation, working on the car either is designed with auto relearn, or can get relearned without driving. 


  • This OTOFIX TireGO 608 TPMS programming tool can activate all-known OEM/universal TPMS sensors. It can quickly show the sensor’s working status to tell you which specific tire has the problem without removing all tires. With this tpms reset tool, you can check real-time tire conditions: its pressure/temperature/low-battery condition, and its info.e.g. manufacturer, frequency, relearning type, etc.,so you’ll find the matched sensor for the replacement of a faulty one.


  • This OTOFIX TireGO 608 tpms scan tool has lifetime subscription-free upgrades. Without paying any extra fees, you’ll get new car model features, bug corrections, and a better user experience. With “Review Data”, you can view/print/save the latest test sensor data for further analysis. The full-color screen makes for excellent viewing; the smooth O.S. gives you fast operating speed.Message us if any issue happens during the updating,or if you want to change the multilingual menu language.