OTOFIX TireGO 808 TPMS Programming Tool

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  • Brand: OTOFIX
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  • 2023 Tire GO 808 TPMS tool provides faster & smarter TPMS repair for global 99% of vehicles including TPMS health check, TPMS programming, sensor relearn/activation, TPMS reset & diagnostics, sensor data reading, etc. To meet max diagnostic needs, Tire GO 808 TPMS scan tool features advanced mode/quick mode for intelligent TPMS maintenance and offers lifetime updating that keeps pace with new tech.


  • With simple operations and intuitive guides, 100% fit for DIYers to replace TPMS sensors themselves and not need dealers or repair technicians. This Tire GO 808 tire sensor programmer offers 2 options for sensor programming: 1. Auto Create (program 1-16 MX-sensor within seconds) and 2. Copy by OBD (no need for relearn), to easily replace the malfunctioning sensors. Note: ONLY for MX-Sensor.


  • After replacing the sensors and turning off the TPMS light, sensor relearn is needed. OTOFIX TPMS relearn tool allows you to relearn almost all known sensors in 3 ways: OBD Relearn; Automatic Relearn; Stationary Relearn, which can help you quickly copy TPMS sensor IDs to vehicle TPMS ECU and accurately identify the replaced sensors. Detailed step-by-step relearn guides will do you a fast operation.


  • This TPMS programming tool can be used to trigger all the OE and universal TPMS sensors on the market. 2023 ver. tire pressure tool quickly reads sensor ID to locate which tyre is wrong, without removing it into parts. The TPMS scan tool allows you to view sensor info. such as tire pressure, tire temperature, battery condition, sensor position, OE part number, etc., to timely get to you know tyre status, replace the broken sensor, and reduce unneeded costs.


  • With its ability to check TPMS sensors, diagnose TPMS issues, monitor tire deflation, and facilitate tire rotation, this TPMS sensor relearn tool offers comprehensive solutions for keeping TPMS system in state. OTOFIX TPMS scanner also features one-stop health diagnostics to scan the whole TPMS system and read/clear TPMS DTCs to kill the troubles. Exclusive Review Data empowers you to check & print TPMS reports for deeper analysis.